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CTE transformed ex-NFL star into ‘other person’

Fred McNeill was no big, dumb football player. After completing an NFL career that included two Super Bowls, he got an advanced law degree and practiced law. But within just a few years, he began to fall apart, losing his temper, losing his memory and …

Texas Church Shooting

26 people were killed at First Baptist Church in rural Sutherland Springs, Texas, authorities said. The shooter fled and was pursued by a resident and police but was found dead after running his car off the road. Law enforcement officials identified th…

The Houston Astros’ boricuas make Puerto Rico proud with World Series win

When the Houston Astros became World Series champions Wednesday night for the first time in history, the team’s Puerto Rican players made sure to use the spotlight to show their love for their beleaguered island. There’s no doubt that the team’s boricuas, as Puerto Ricans are also known —

Why Aren’t NFL Cheerleaders Protesting During the Anthem?

Millions of Americans have applauded the NFL players who have taken a knee during the national anthem, but not the women whose job it is to root for the teams — the cheerleaders. They have been noticeably absent from the year-long drama that has divide…

Going Home: Joe Maddon and His Plans to Reunite His Divided Hometown

Megyn Kelly is one of America’s most prominent news anchors, known for her ability to focus on breaking stories, as well as in-depth investigative reports, newsmaker interviews and human interest pieces. Kelly uses her skills as a former litigator to press for real answers to the questions most on