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Kyle Shanahan on 49ers talent, Kirk Cousins, injury update

We were talking to the Washington folks and they were mentioning the talent of your team. I know you mentioned on Monday if we kept going and the reason I didn’t want to go for two or if we kept going, I thought we were the better team. Where do you put your talent, in terms of, I know you watch

Post-Week 5 loss to the Colts edition

The San Francisco 49ers are trapped in a Sisyphean nightmare, forever recovering from a deficit, nearly making a comeback and ultimately losing by a handful of points. They have put together several intensely laborious but ultimately futile performance…

Golden Nuggets: Going for one

I’ll just once again reiterate what I said the last couple days. 1: The San Francisco 49ers are trying to win a game tomorrow and I think they will. 2: They won’t bench Hoyer unless he’s injured. As for the win, I do think it’s possible. The Indianapolis Colts have their own sort of trouble

The 49ers are ready for the Colts, or something

I’m getting older, which means I understand the intricacies of social media less and less every day. I’m not sure what the value is of a 30 second video set to generic music and featuring several San Francisco 49ers boarding a plane to fly to Indianapolis for their Week 5 game against the Indianapolis