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Let’s pick the best MLB over-under bet for 2018

Every year, I assume that the wisdom of crowds will help us — all of us — make money. Every year, I figure that thousands and thousands of hardcore baseball fans can mush their brains together and become a supercomputer that’s smart enough to beat the stupid casinos. Every year, I trust you. And

Tracking every completed trade before the 2018 NHL trade deadline

The 2018 NHL trade deadline is a mere week away, meaning we are headed for potential trade craziness over the next few days. The NHL will lock off trades after the Monday, Feb. 26 deadline at 3 p.m. ET, which means teams have very little time to stock …

1 potential cap casualty for each NFL team

Free agency is on the way with the 2018 league year beginning March 14. For most teams, there is plenty of cap space available to make a splash, while a few will need to make a few moves to free up space. Almost every team has at least one contract tha…

2018 NFL mock draft: How trades can change the draft

There are no guarantees in the NFL draft, except one. There will be trades. In 2016 and 2017, 12 picks in the first round were moved at some point. The 2018 NFL draft will be no different. We’ve already seen two first-rounders change hands. In this week’s mock draft, five trades get projected

Anthony Davis is wearing DeMarcus Cousins jersey in the All-Star game

DeMarcus Cousins can’t play in this All-Star game with a torn Achilles, but his teammate won’t let him be forgotten. Instead of wearing his normal No. 23 jersey, Anthony Davis put on Cousins’ uniform and will wear it throughout the game. Davis and Cousins have become pretty tight on and off

The problem with the NBA Dunk Contest is all the cool shit has been done

The 2018 NBA Slam Dunk Contest was filled with throwbacks. Donovan Mitchell gave us a moment to remember Dr. Dunkenstein and put on a Toronto Vince Carter jersey to do a famous Toronto Vince Carter dunk. Larry Nance Jr. wore his dad’s old uniform to do his dad’s old dunk. It’s a just reminder