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an offseason look if we traded with Buffalo Bills

some thoughts of how it could look disclaimer: I really want barkley at #2 I’m not going to do cap # game cause I’m not good at it..lazy..and if they want they will find a way for all things 🙂 notable cuts: harris and marshall (marshall can stay at half what hes supposed to get if he chooses

5 receivers the Bills should consider in free agency

In 2017, the Buffalo Bills went into the offseason with a decent receiving core. Guys like Sammy Watkins and Robert Woods were staples in the team’s passing game but both were not retained. Watkins got traded to the Los Angeles Rams and Woods signed there as well in the offseason. Just one year has

Players who need a change of scenery on every NFL team Something has to change for Michael Crabtree in Oakland. Will new coach Jon Gruden be enough, or would the receiver be better off elsewhere? NFL Nation reporters identify one player who needs a change of scenery for all 32 teams. AFC East | AF…

Coordinator changes dominate AFC East coaching moves

The AFC East wasn’t part of the NFL’s latest round of head-coaching turnover, but it did come within one bizarre, he’s-our-head-coach-oops-no-he-isn’t drama of having all four teams change offensive coordinators. As it is, each club in the division has made a coordinator switch. To review