New York Giants

New York Giants

DRC is back with Big Blue. Read what his teammates were saying after today's practice.

Here’s the Diehl - Big Blue must use the “us against the world” mentality and build off their win in Denver.

How did Sterling Shepard look today?
What are the Giants saying about Seattle?

Practice Report ⬇️

DRC discusses rejoining the Giants after recent suspension.

Getting ready to take on the Seahawks!


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Storylines to follow this week as Big Blue preps for Seattle!

JPP dedicated his three-sack performance to a special fan!

More reaction from Sunday's win in the Social Buzz!

Need a Giants fan makeover? David Tyree is the man for the job!

32 carries. 148 yards. 4.6 yards per carry.

How did the running game break out in Denver?