Stat Nerd Thursday: Should you trust Lockett and Metcalf without Russell Wilson?

Matt Harmon and Dalton Del Don get together to go over some of their favorite stats from the NFL season thus far, and use them to dig into topics like: How D’Andre Swift is like a younger Austin Ekeler Is Baker Mayfield better than Jared Goff? What to expect from Tyler Lockett and DK Metcalf without Russell Wilson What will NYG do with Kadarius Toney now that Slayton and Shepard are healthy? Is Marquise Brown the most underappreciated WR in fantasy? Diontae Johnson and Chase Claypool are excelling despite Roethlisberger Is AJ Brown a buy-low candidate? Plus, a full fantasy and DFS preview of Thursday’s game between the Buccaneers and Eagles.

Austin Ekeler on the touchdown that rocked fantasy football | Ekeler’s Edge

Los Angeles Chargers running back Austin Ekeler joins Yahoo Sports’ Fantasy Expert Liz Loza to discuss his second straight RB1 performance. The touchdown Austin didn’t want to score, and the impact it had on thousands of fantasy squads. Our team will preview the Chargers matchup with the Ravens, as well as recommend three sleepers from three of the biggest games of week 6. Finally, the star of ‘A Million Little Things”, and the upcoming ‘Psych 3’, James Roday, on how he hopes Austin can lead him to a title in the world’s biggest pro-am fantasy football league.

Week 5 Fantasy Football Bad Beats: Hey, stop pushing me!

Did your fantasy team's hopes get pushed off a cliff when the Browns defense pushed Austin Ekeler into the end zone? Well, we here at Yahoo Fantasy are here for you, yet again, and always. We want to know all about it (so we can laugh at you) so we can help you get through it. Judge Andy Behrens can assist you through these troubled times, in Week 5 and every week of the 2021 fantasy football season. An opponent's late-game touchdown is always tough to take, but when the player is being forced in by the DEFENSE?  Well, that's just brutal.  And that's precisely what happened to our pal Odori, who was forced to take the L when Austin Ekeler was forced into the paydirt at the end of Sunday's Chargers-Browns match-up. And in keeping with the late TD theme, this week’s Honorable Mention goes to our buddy Kevin, who watched his huge lead evaporate courtesy of Lamar Jackson - who rallied the Ravens over the Colts, while sinking the hopes of  several fantasy managers during this Monday night comeback. Did you suffer a Bad Beat? You're not alone! Hit us up and tell us all about it using #FFLBadBeats.