Series #25: Athletics vs Orioles

Will the A’s ever escape the dreaded .500 record? The world may never know. At the very least, with the Orioles coming into town, they have a better chance than usual. With a record of 21-50, and a league-worst run differential of -151, the Orioles are still in the “going to get worse before getting

Trade Chips? Yes, The Indians Have A Few

Unable to compete with the Minnesota Twins in the American League’s Central Division, the sort-of rebuilding Cleveland Indians are a team to watch as the July 31 trade deadline approaches. The good-pitch, no-hit Indians seem likely to be active participants at or near the deadline, but not as active

Let Them Eat Cake—Mariners vs. Royals Series Preview

The Mariners have a chance to seriously further their season goals these next few games, as they host a Royals squad that currently holds the #2 draft spot in the loaded 2020 draft. Coming off an emotionally confusing series win against the A’s, it would probably help if they’d hurry up and send

Why The Oakland A’s Will Trade For A Reliever

If you’re the Oakland A’s, you can never have everything you want. You can’t even have most of what you want. Bryce Harper would have really helped this team. Ditto Charlie Morton, Michael Brantley, Dallas Keuchel, Craig Kimbrel… you get the idea. The same goes for when the A’s are acquiring

Bellinger, Trout continue to lead All-Star voting

With just days remaining until the end of the first-round of All-Star voting, a pair of Los Angeles outfielders continue to lead the voting. Cody Bellinger of the Dodgers leads all vote-getters with 2,184,251, and the Angels’ Mike Trout tops the American League balloting with 1,904,273. First baseman