Sporttrade, Sports Betting Platform to Leverage Stock Exchange Technology

Sporttrade , a Philadelphia-based sports betting platform, launched sporttrade, introducing the gaming world to an unrivaled entrant with a unique perspective and mission.

Established in 2019, Sporttrade utilizes proven exchange technology and processes and applies them to sports betting, aimed at enhancing and democratizing the entire industry. Sporttrade will allow participants to trade sporting events like they trade stocks, drastically improving the customer experience by building a fairer, more efficient, and engaging customer.

As a sports betting exchange, Sporttrade will ensure a stable and open betting marketplace, to offer a fair and transparent environment. Ultimately, this means a superior sports betting experience for every customer.

Sporttrade, designed by Philadelphia-based design firm Armor, provides visitors an opportunity to receive launch notifications, access unique platform features such as “always on” in-play trading, the ability to trade in and out of bets at anytime, and provide FAQs to help members join and educate themselves.