Tennessee Sportsbooks Ttook in $160.9 Million in Wagers

Tennessee Sportsbooks took in $160.9 million in wagers in May, according to official data released Wednesday morning. That is down 6.7% from $172.4 million in April, and the state’s lowest handle since November 2020. May’s bets produced $15.4 million in gross gaming revenue, up from $14 million in April. Adjusted gross income hit $13.7 million, which yielded $2.7 million in tax revenue for the state.

With May’s win, Tennessee sportsbooks have now generated $109.9 million in gross gaming income, surpassing $100 million in revenue in just seven months.

In May, FanDuel topped the market with $56.9 million in wagers, producing $6.5 million in gross gaming revenue. BetMGM, which has topped the market in lifetime handle since launching in November, was second in May with $56.8 million in bets, yielding $5.1 million in GGR. DraftKings was third with a $39.6 million handle and $3.0 million in revenue.