Virginia Sportsbooks $227.0 million in wagers in May

Virginia sports bettors placed $227.0 million in wagers in May, down from $236.4 million in April, according to data released Thursday by The Virginia Lottery. That equates to $7.3 million in wagers poured in each day over the 31 days of May, down from $7.9 million per day over the 30 days in April.

May’s wagers produced $23.2 million in gross gaming revenue, up 19% from $19.4 million in April. Adjusted gross revenue rose to $15.7 million from $13.8 million in April, which yielded $2.4 million in state taxes, including $59,527 for problem gambling support. Since launch, sportsbooks have generated $85.0 million in gross gaming revenue and $5.6 million in state taxes.